Jason MillerJason Miller, tenor, is a life-long vocalist with a devotion to a cappella ensemble singing.  Before college, Jason studied piano at the McPhail Center for Music in Minneapolis.  As a college student, whenever he was not studying abroad, he studied voice at Saint Olaf College with tenor Dan Dressen, and he was in large ensembles under the direction of Robert Scholz (Viking men’s choir) and Anton Armstrong (Saint Olaf Choir).  As a member of the Saint Olaf Choir, he toured the country and sang for numerous international guest conductors.  Through his experience with that choir, he grew as an ensemble musician and achieved high standards for musicianship and professionalism in performance.

Jason loves ensemble vocal performance for the way it brings individuals together into a corporate expression of feelings and ideas that make the ensemble much more than a sum of its individual members.   He is honored to be contributing to Areté’s mission of sharing the beauty of modern vocal works with people of Southern California.