Your donations provide the much needed financial support that enables Areté Vocal Ensemble to present concerts, educational programs, and outreach events for our community. The generosity of our donors and patrons helps to ensure that world-class vocal music remains a vibrant and thriving art form in the Conejo Valley, and the many communities we serve around Southern California.

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  • Jim and Kim Overton


  • Kenneth and Phyllis Caudill
  • Karsten and Kirsten Lundring
  • Chris and Elizabeth Kimball


  • Eugene and Patricia Banday
  • Carol and Ted Bartell
  • Robert and Korleen Brodie
  • John Fowler
  • Jerry and Margaret Miller
  • Anthony and Carmen Pasano
  • Jim and Debbie Schaeffer
  • Wilbur Skeels


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  • Adrian Benson
  • Jim and Ruth Bullock
  • Todd and Cheryl Collart
  • Darin and Cheryl Erickson
  • Chris Feist
  • Susan Hodgson and James Rosenberg
  • Gene and Sally Mabry
  • Clifford and Katherine Morton
  • Nancy Murphy
  • Thomas Odegard
  • Kerrie & John Sadler
  • Sue Smits
  • Michael and Rita Warren
  • Mathew and Danielle Waters
  • Robert and Linnea Wentworth


  • Deborah Erickson
  • Elizabeth Evans
  • Reva & Richard Fetzner
  • Elmer & Denna Heerema
  • Kathleen Marie Hodgson
  • Fred Lindberg
  • Jerry and Gloria Reed
  • Daniel Ruth
  • Richard and Margaret Schwalm
  • James Stemen
  • Richard and Tania P. Storrs
  • Bonnie Jean Sutton
  • Howard and Mary Wennes
  • Fred and Marge Wilson


  • Yvette Jourdan Abramski
  • Carol Bjelland
  • Mark and Sheri Groenveld
  • Elizabeth Helms
  • Walter Johnson
  • George and Patricia Jones
  • E.S. and A.S. Medlock
  • Shirley and Donald Morris
  • Martin Parker
  • Connie Richards
  • Ted and Alyce Schuldt
  • Janet Walker
  • Jim and Susie Wilber
  • Greg and Diane Wiley